3 Cemeteries and (Maybe) A Ghost!

Today my mom and I visited three cemeteries within the Vernon Township of Jennings County. We started our trip at around 6PM and left the last cemetery we visited around 8:30PM.

3 stones in the Vernon Cemetery.

First we visited Vernon Cemetery. It’s quite a big cemetery and we definitely didn’t cover the whole area. We were looking for some photo requests but the cemetery is too large to find any without luck or information on where someone is buried.

Here you can see how grown over the cemetery is.

Next we visited a cemetery that is located within the Crosley Fish and Wildlife Area. I haven’t seen this cemetery mentioned anywhere and I only know where it’s located because of a friend’s parents. It’s very overgrown and only about two of the headstones are even readable. I have no information about this cemetery so if you have any please let me know! Edit: I’ve recently found out that this is the Wilson Cemetery (aka Boner Farm Cemetery)!

The church and part of the cemetery.

The last cemetery we visited was the Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery. I almost didn’t see the little road that the cemetery is located on. The church is very pretty and the cemetery is well kept. We got a surprise before we left! I had turned off my car stereo because I didn’t want to listen to it after we left the Crosley Cemetery. Once we had finished at Ebenezer we got in my car and when I started it my stereo was on and turned up pretty loud! Normally if I turn off my stereo it stays like that until I turn it back on. This is something we couldn’t explain and found to be a bit strange!

2 comments on “3 Cemeteries and (Maybe) A Ghost!

  1. Maurice Robison says:

    The Wilson Cemetery, (aka Boner Farm) that is located on the Crosley Fish and Wildlife Area has recently been cleaned up. Contact me at mauricerobison@msn.com for more recent pictures of this cemetery and possibly a human interest story that is associated with it.

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