As for the lack of updates…

I can explain! My plan was to update once a week and I am already falling behind on that, much to my own disappointment. At the moment I have just started a new job, and that with school and trying to keep up with my friends I’ve pushed my online activities back. I’m also having trouble with finding content to write about… I have a list of cemeteries I really want to write about here, but I’d really like to visit them before I do. So until I work my time out and the weather gets better I probably won’t be posting, unless I find something that really interests me! Until then, visit my other cemetery blog located on Tumblr where I post pictures from beautiful cemeteries across the world 🙂

One comment on “As for the lack of updates…

  1. Bob Newkirk says:

    Jenni, The Weddleville school house and entry to the old cemetery photos are most familiar. My great-grandfather Henry Harrison Weddle is buried there, a large marble monument displaying his name. He died in 1904, age 61.

    Henry was a Union soldier and fought at Shiloh April 6 – 7, 1862. I have visited the Weddleville Cemetery twice and took several photos. Henry Weddle returned home after the Civil War, married Francis A. Hall, February 20, 1870. They had seven children, the seventh being Grace Vance Weddell. Grace was my mother’s mother. Grace died at age 34, believed to be from a gall bladder attack. I am currently writing a novel regarding my great-grandfather during his time at Shiloh.

    Please include my email address for further updates. Thank you.

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