Please visit my new website!

I’ve moved to a new website, where you can find me now! Check it out at, I’ll be posting lots more there about all things cemeteries!

As for the lack of updates…

I can explain! My plan was to update once a week and I am already falling behind on that, much to my own disappointment. At the moment I have just started a new job, and that with school and trying to keep up with my friends I’ve pushed my online activities back. I’m also having trouble with finding content to write about… I have a list of cemeteries I really want to write about here, but I’d really like to visit them before I do. So until I work my time out and the weather gets better I probably won’t be posting, unless I find something that really interests me! Until then, visit my other cemetery blog located on Tumblr where I post pictures from beautiful cemeteries across the world 🙂