New year, new ideas, and more cemeteries!

Hmm, I wonder what I was looking at?

I want to welcome everyone into 2012, although a bit late. I have many plans for my blog, including stories that are more informative and creative. I know that last year I wasn’t very good at updating, and when I did, it was news articles from around the web. This year I want to focus on content that I have created myself, but still cover the area of cemeteries in the news. Hopefully it will really pick up in the the Spring when weather gets better and it’s too cold to go out and visit cemeteries! Until then, I have some pictures from previous cemetery trips to hold you over.

Why do people leave pennies on this stone?

Now, I’m looking for cemeteries located between Northern Kentucky and the Indianapolis areas that I can visit and then write stories on. I’m not picky… a local tale, a historic person, a unique gravestone… anything that will spark my interest to investigate further. I will be doing my own research, but would also love to hear from any of my readers (if I even have any?) about cemeteries they find interesting!

Do you have any unique cemeteries for me? Leave me a comment with the name of the cemetery and when it’s unique!